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History Comes Alive Via Eyewear! Part 1: Windsors Oval Metal Frames

18th Century Gathering with Ben Franklin

Oval metal frames were one of the earliest eyewear developed in North America. We associate our oval Windsors frames with Ben Franklin, who developed the first reader magnifying lenses in North America. In fact, he called his spectacles "focusers", and since we admire Ben so much we took that name for our company and use Ben's likeness in our logo!

Yes, Ladies! Focusers has Eyewear Designed Exclusively for Women!

Collage of womans smiling lips and eyeglasses

Most people think of Focusers for mens eyewear, although many women love our frames as well. But did you know Focusers also has an eyewear collection exclusively for women? 

Eyeglasses UV Protection Strength - Are your eyes fully protected?

Eyeglasses UV Protection Strength - Are your eyes fully protected?
Are your eyeglasses doing enough to protect your eyes from UV radiation? Do you know the difference in UV protection between UV380 and UV400? We explain what UV protection is and why it's important.

Ask Andy About Clothes: The Focusers Interview!

Ask Andy About Clothes: The Focusers Interview!

Ask Andy About Clothes logo

Andy Gilchrist of Ask Andy About Clothes interviews Focusers founder Gary Green to discuss the origins of Focusers, eyewear fashion and more! 

Classic Eyewear Styles: Rimless Glasses

Various Styles of Rimless Eyeglasses

Rimless frames were originally associated with wealth and success in the 1800s. Today they're chosen by men and women who are looking for lightweight frames with an elegant style. 

The Personality of Round Eyeglasses

Round glasses on famous people

Round rimmed glasses has always made a distinct statement about the wearer. Often chosen by trailblazers and visionaries, round frames have been worn by both fictional and real-life creatives, intellectuals, scientists, heroes and visionaries.

The Evolution of P3 Eyeglass Frames

P3 Temple Hinge Alignment Compared to Older Frames

Before the 1930s, most eyeglasses were round, oval or rectangular shaped. But since then, thanks in part to World War II, P3 frames have become one of the most popular frames styles in the world.

Ivy Style Eyewear

Governors Poor Boys P3 Ivy League P3 Glasses

Whether you prefer Ivy League, Trad or Preppy, your choice of eyewear can help make or break your look!

Choosing Eyewear: Your Face. Your Rules!

Your eye wear is an expression of you. It's nice to know what "the rules" are, but at the end of the day, if you want to make a statement that defies the rules -- or perhaps sets a new trend -- then it's Your face. Your rules!

Horn-Rimmed and Tortoise Shell: What's the difference?

We're often asked what makes one set of eyeglasses "horn-rimmed" and another "tortoise shell". As you may have already guessed, the origins of both eyewear style names come from the materials originally used to make them: animal horns and shells. But these frames have an interesting history...

Eyewear - your most important fashion statement!

Different eye glass styles on human face

Where is the first place people look when they meet you? Your choice of eyewear has the power to enhance your appearance more than most any other fashion choice.