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Ben Franklin says, "A penny saved is a penny earned." Follow Ben's advice and save a pretty penny on elegant and distinctive classic and contemporary eyewear from Focusers. We're delighted to answer any questions regarding our frames and your order.

Customer Reviews

Just received my signature frames and I love them, and I would recommend anyone who is looking for round lenses and rimless lenses to order from FOCUSERS! I also had focusers make my lenses which they done a superior job, wait time was very short! So thank you once again FOCUSERS and I will be ordering another signature frame and lenses from you in a short time!

John F.

I have just received my Governor's Poor Boys frames in the Honey-toned Tortoise Shell finish.  In "real life" they look even better than they do on your website. They're virtually the same frames I wore in college more than forty years ago. Thanks for producing such a fine product.

Joshua B.

I bought several pair of glasses from Focusers in the past, during the days when most folks seemed to only sell rectangular glasses. When I was looking for truly round, wire-framed glasses, however, I was stymied. Then I remembered Focusers and found exactly what I wanted. They arrived and were perfect right from the box. I have been wearing them for several weeks now and couldn't be happier.

Gary B.

Civil War glasses were needed as I have had cataract surgery and need reader only now. These are great. I also use them for computer glasses and they are superior to the ones in the drug store.

Vernon C.

Love, love, love Focusers eyeglasses! Waiting on my second pair!

Sandi S.

Focusers Civl War glasses--Helping reenactors keep their eyes in the 19th century.

Ashley G.

Love these glasses - perfect fit right out of the box - great quality - exceptional clarity - will buy here forever!!!!!!!

Holley S.

Your Governor Poor Boys frames stay put and stay comfortable no matter what. Thank You!

Busy ER Doc in VA

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