Eye Frame Width – Standard to Wide Styles

Focusers offers eyewear in a range of sizes that, combined with flexible hinges, ensure a comfortable and attractive fit. Our eye frames are grouped in three front width categories, listed below with frame examples. To view eye frames by front width size, simply select one of the frame collections from the Shop Frames menu, then use the Filter selector to choose Standard Width, Wider or Widest. Some rimless eye frames are in multiple front width categories, due to the ability to increase or decrease the lens size.

Standard Width – Eye Frame Front Width up to 130mm

Many of our most popular eye frames are designed to fit an average, narrow or petite facial profile:

Oval Metal Wide Frames

Oval metal Windsors come in two front width sizes: 112mm and 125mm

Tortoiseshell Wide Eye Frames

Peabody-Pierce #8 are offered in a variety of colors, including tortoise shell.

Clear Acetate rectangular eye frames

Candescents are standard width rectangular acetate frames.

Wider – Eye Frame Front Width between 131mm & 139mm

For those who desire or require eyeglasses with a wider than average front width, we have the Wider eye frame category:

Metal Round Wide Eye Frames

Signature Metal Rounds are premium frames offered in gold, silver and black.

Profiles Rounded Rectangular Tortoiseshell Eye Frames

Profiles: The CEO are wider eye frames due to the flaring "3 dot" hinge area.

Wide Oval P3 acetate eye frames

Governor's Poor Boys generous keyhole bridge and extended hinge area provide a wider profile.

Widest – Eye Frame Front Width 140mm and over

And if you require extra wide eye frames, you can select from our Widest frame category: 

Gold Amber rectangular extra wide eye frames

Hampshires gold amber semi-rectangular eye frames.

Gold Metal Rectangular Extra Wide Eye Frames

Crashers wide rectangular metal eye frames, in gold, silver or black.

Tiger stripe acetate rectangular extra wide eye frames

Tiger Oaks extra wide rectangular eye frames.