Focusers Sunglasses for Men and Women

Sunglasses Colors for Standard Sunglasses, Transitions or Polarized lenses.

Color tint your lenses and protect your eyes from glare! Focusers frames – as readers, prescription, bifocal or non-vision-corrected sunglass lenses – can have color tinted lenses in brown or dark gray:


Peabody-Pierce #8 Honey Demi Tortoise Shell as brown tint sunglasses.

Gotham Eye Gear Sunglasses Rectangular Tortoise Shell Frames

Gotham Eye Gear frames as dark gray sunglasses. 

Crashers Gold Metal Frame Brown Sunglasses

Crashers as brown tinted sunglasses.

Signature Rimless Silver Metal Sunglasses Frames

Signature Rimless silver frames as dark gray sunglasses.

Signature Metal Rounds as Brown Sunglasses

Signature Metal Rounds as brown sunglasses.

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