Focusers' Slogan, Joke or Jingle Contest!

Focusers® is once again offering fantastic savings for those talented few who dare to enter the ever popular Focusers' Slogan, Joke or Jingle Contest!

In this contest, every entry is a winner!

In order to show our gratitude to the many visitors and customers that shop our web site and gather inspiration for our marketing and promotion campaigns, we decided it would be a "win-win" to create contests through which you can tell us why you like Focusers via an original slogan, jingle or joke. Because we think that buying glasses should be fun, our contest gives special credit to funny submissions. You can WIN 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% or 50% OFF your entire purchase (excluding shipping charges or any purchase of Battlefield McAllister frames), or the GRAND PRIZE of a FREE pair of complete eyeglasses. That includes one frame with lenses and lens options of your choice!

Ben says: "Focus on Focusers. You'll see what you are missing!"
See up close, see a mile. Focusers - look good in style.
A women purchased a new pair of Focusers glasses for her husband and was told by the friendly customer service rep that he would be able to see things perfectly. A week later she calls and asked if she can return the glasses. The kindly service rep asks what the problem might be and if she can help. "Well," the women says, "since he got his new glasses he's never looked better and is very happy with them. But I was told he would see things perfectly, and yet he's still not seeing things my way!"
Focusers - You'll wear us out!
Focusers - don't let just anyone frame you!
There once was an attorney named Atticus,
Who was desperately in need of eyeglassicus.
He contacted Focusers, and with no hocus pocusers, they framed him with courtly appeal!

Contest Rules

See bottom of page for Legal Statement.

Create an original slogan, jingle or joke that deals directly with the content of our web pages or the nature of our products. Try to make your slogan, jingle or joke funny and in good taste. Submit your entry in the form above along with your email. Every customer who enters will be awarded a prize. Entries will be judged on the basis of the relevance and cleverness of the submission, and how funny we thought it was.

FIRST PRIZE - Each of the submissions that we determine, in the exercise of our subjective discretion, to be as good as or better than what our own marketing team has come up with, will receive one free pair of glasses in frames from our catalog with the prescription or reading lens correction and strength specified by the winner. Since our own marketing team has not yet come up with anything dazzling, we anticipate that there will be many FIRST PRIZE winners, and each one will be awarded the prize.

RUNNER-UP PRIZES - Every submission that is not as good as, or better than what our own marketing team has come up with, still will be awarded a valuable prize in the form of a discount, on a sliding scale, starting with a minimum of at least 10% off the regular price of one pair of glasses (frames and lenses of the winners choice from our catalog discounts do not apply to any shipping charges), to a high of 90% off, when a purchase is made by the winner after notification of the award of the prize. The decision of the appropriate prize, and the precise amount of the discount will be based on the relative quality of the submission, as determined in the exercise of our subjective discretion.

MULTIPLE ENTRIES - We encourage multiple entries. However, prizes awarded for individual entries may not be aggregated. Rather, each award of a prize shall be good for a single pair of glasses. For example, if an entrant submitted 3 entries and was awarded discounts of 30%, 20% and 10% respectively for each of the entries, the entrant would be eligible for a discount of 30% on the first pair of glasses, 20% on a second pair, and 10% on a third pair (discounts do not apply to shipping charges). On the other hand, the entrant would NOT be eligible for an aggregated 60% on a single pair of glasses.

LAST DAY OF THE CONTEST - All entries must have been submitted and all prizes must have been claimed before the last day of the contest, or the prizes will be forfeited.

The act of submission itself, shall be, and shall evince:

  1. The submitter's conveyance of all right, title and interest in the said submission to FOCUSERS Inc.;
  2. The express and implied agreement, and permission of the submitter for FOCUSERS Inc. to make any and all use of the said submission, with or without attribution to the submitter, including but not limited to using same on web pages of FOCUSERS Inc., and having the said web pages copyrighted in the name of FOCUSERS Inc. or its nominee as if FOCUSERS Inc. was the sole owner and/or author of the said submission;
  3. The submitter's acknowledgment and agreement that prizes shall have no cash or equivalent value, and that the sole value shall be the glasses awarded as FIRST PRIZE, and the discount awarded as a RUNNER-UP PRIZE;
  4. The agreement of the submitter that all decisions and interpretations of FOCUSERS Inc. concerning this contest and all aspects of it shall be final, binding and not subject to any appeal, nor any proceeding seeking a legal or other remedy.