Lens Shapes and Sizes for Rimless Frames

All Focusers rimless frames can be ordered in the following lens shapes and sizes, and can be made up to 4mm larger or smaller, in 2mm increments. Note – due to the custom nature of rimless lenses, "frame only" orders with plain demo lenses typically take 1-3 weeks, while prescription, diopter strength readers, bifocals and similar orders are typically fulfilled in 3 weeks:

Rimless eyeglass frames with round lenses

Round shaped lenses: 46mm

Rimless eyeglass with octagon lenses

Octagon shaped lenses: 40mm High, 46mm Wide

Rimless eyeglass frames with oval lenses

Oval shaped lenses: 32mm High, 46mm Wide

Rimless eyeglass frames with enhanced oval lenses

Enhanced Oval shaped lenses: 40mm High, 46mm Wide