Dashboard Readers

Clear on top with reading glasses cleverly inserted as bifocals. An innovative solution to a problematic issue facing 60 million users of reading glasses.

Driving with no vision correct - card dashboard is blurry

Problem: Without corrective reading glasses or magnification lenses, drivers who have presbyopia are able to see the road clearly, but cannot keep close-up objects in focus. Reading dashboard dials, radio buttons or cell phone screens is extremely difficult.

Driving wearing normal reading lenses - far away objects are blurry

Poor Solution: Traditional full-lens readers focus near objects, but at the expense of distorting or blurring distant objects. The risk and danger while driving is obvious.

Driving wearing Dashboard Readers lenses - Everything is in focus

Our Solution: Focusers Dashboard Readers bifocal reading glasses, with a magnification (reader)strength on bottom, and a clear lens on top, allows the driver to clearly and safely see both dashboard and road.

All Focusers' frames are available as Dashboard Readers. The Dashboard Readers are available with diopter strengths of +1.50 or +2.50 only. If you require a different diopter strength, please choose our standard or progressive bifocal lens options. Also, Ultra Violet protection and Anti-Scratch coating are not available for Dashboard Readers.

Listed below are some of the features inherent in each pair of Focusers' Dashboard Readers:

  • Lower cost than our standard bifocal lenses
  • Made from the highest quality materials. Much better than currently available readers.
  • Hand assembled. Not made from one piece.
  • Not available in drug stores or general merchandise stores.
  • Upscale, Ophthamalic quality frames and lenses.
  • Overall cost for the same quality is up to three times more at quality optical shops