Peabody-Pierce Imports


Focusers has reached an arrangement to be the exclusive North American importer and distributor of designer frames bearing the prestigious Peabody-Pierce LTD Eyewear label. Based on the old-world workmanship reflected in every optical frame style Peabody-Pierce LTD offers, and their congruency to Focusers eyewear brand philosophy of creating updates of famous, classic frames, we are privileged by our association with Peabody Pierce LTD.

Peabody-Pierce LTD sent designers to interview successful men and women who had come through the boarding and prep schools. After observing the eyewear being worn by these well-bred individuals, their designers were thus inspired to create these old-school frames. The shapes and materials were already associated with the tweedy intellectuals, creative geniuses and those to the manor born, or bred. However, Peabody-Pierce LTD reduced the rim sizes by conforming them to today's sought after "trim frame" eyewear style.

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