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Options and Pricing for Prescription and Reading Glasses

Focusers eyewear lenses are manufactured from top-grade, highly durable, optical quality CR-39 plastic polymer lenses. Our lenses are half the weight of glass, with many inherent index of refraction and low chromatic aberration qualities that make them ideal for long-lasting vision correction. Plus, your lenses will be expertly prepared to match your submitted prescription or reader diopter strength, providing years of crystal clear vision.

Vision Correction

Please note that we are unable to fill prescriptions higher than a -7:00 or +3.00 (example -7.1, -8.0 -9.0 or +3.1, +4.0, +5.0). If you're unsure about your prescription do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-332-3534. We'll be more than happy to help you!

Reading glasses – Single vision magnifiers

You pay only for the frames – No extra charge!
Note: To maximize strength and durability, rimless readers must have polycarbonate lenses, add $65.00 for rimless frames.

Single Vision Correction

(e.g., near sighted, astigmatism, etc.) $25.00

Bifocal in Rimless Models (non progressive)

Poly-carb lenses - with prescription glasses lens on the bottom, and clear or Rx on top $75.00

Bifocals in a Frame (non progressive)

With Rx lens on the bottom, and clear or Rx on top, or reading glasses with clear on the top and a magnifier on the bottom $45.00

Progressive Bifocals (aka "no line" bifocals)

$215.00 additional charge.
Important Note Regarding Progressive Bifocal Lenses
Due to the need for precise measurements when filling progressive bifocal prescription glasses we ask all who wish to order progressive lenses to call (1-800-332-3534) between the hours of 9:00am and 3:00pm EST to place the order. Please have your prescription information handy.

Additional Options To Enhance Your Glasses

Sunglasses & Color TInting

Available in both rimless models and frames with rims $10.00
(UV protection for sunglasses added separately)

Ultra-Violet Filter 

Filter out the harmful rays of the sun and your computer's screen. Available in both rimless models and frames with rims. $10.00

Non-Glare Anti-Reflective Lenses:

Make your lenses look almost invisible by eliminating the reflection of light in the lenses. $65.00

Transition Lenses – Frames with a Rim

Superior quality plastic lenses turn darker in sunlight $100.00

Transition Lenses – Rimless Frames

Superior quality plastic lenses turn darker in sunlight $150.00

Extra thin polycarbonate lenses

High-quality, impact resistant, light weight poly-carb (Required for Rimless Frames; Available for Full-Frames) $65.00

Tempered glass clear lens

The ultimate in luxury for those who appreciate traditional values (Not available in Rimless models) $100.00