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About Focusers: Fine Quality Eyewear & Classic Frames

FOCUSERS® offers you the opportunity to buy -- at special Internet prices -- upscale frames, reading glasses, prescription eyeglasses & sunglasses with certified, ophthalmic lenses.

Since 1998, we’ve featured classic and distinctive eyeglasses frame styles and shapes, offering frames you would expect to find only in high-end, prestigious eye wear shops. If you wear prescription eye glasses, you'll find extraordinary value on this web site because we offer our portfolio of aristocratic, fine-quality eye glasses and frames at discounts that often are half what the trendy eye wear boutiques charge. 

On the other hand, if you need only reading glasses, this is the place to find the upscale quality frames you deserve instead of the junk passing as off-the-shelf reading glasses, as sold on other Internet sites or at drug stores.

FOCUSERS® not only has the best of the classic as well as the newest fashion frame styles, but importantly, you can trust that we will provide you with top quality lenses too. We are unique in insisting on the precision optics of custom-made reading spectacles and prescription eye glasses when you compare us to everyone else who markets glasses through the Internet or mail order catalogs. Like the finest eye wear boutiques in America, every lens we sell has been hand edged and assembled individually for each of our customers.

Because we have the same high quality and standards as the leaders in the eye wear industry, insurance companies recognize our glasses as the true ophthalmic products that they are. Therefore, the cost for FOCUSERS® prescription glasses may be covered by your health insurance or vision plan, and our certified opticians stand ready to assist you in obtaining the reimbursement to which you are entitled.

We sell fine eye wear products for both women and gentlemen. Whatever shape frame you -- oval, circle, octagon or modified rectangle, FOCUSERS® will surely make you appear more accomplished, elegant and well attired.