Sleek, Wide Rectangular Frames with a Glossy Wood "Tiger" Grain.

Front view of Tiger Oaks wood stripe grain eyeglasses
Corner view of Tiger Oaks wood stripe grain eyeglasses
Side view of Tiger Oaks wood stripe grain eyeglasses
Front view of Tiger Oaks matte black eyeglasses
Corner view of Tiger Oaks matte black eyeglasses
View of Tiger Oaks eyeglasses set

Tiger Oaks – Glossy Wood Grain or Matte Black Frames

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Tiger on wood grain background

One of the pleasures of working with zyl acetate is creating fresh and exciting new patterns. By experimenting with contrasting hues and blending techniques, our designers create beautifully colored textures that give each frame unique and dramatic identities. Such is the case with our Tiger Oaks frames, named after the carpentry term for the rich striping pattern produced by specially angled lumber cuts that bring out the grain. Like the fine, expensive furniture created with such premium wood, Tiger Oaks are examples of design excellence and are highly treasured by their owners.

Beautifully shaped rectangular frames with "ferocious" oak striping.

Designed with a broader lens width, Tiger Oaks are a comfortable fit even for people with wider faces. Unlike smaller frames, the rectangular rims provide an appropriate eye-to-lens-size ratio. While the sienna amber and chocolate striping pattern make a style statement worthy of the cover of GQ, we also offer Tiger Oaks in Matte "panther" Black.

Front Width: 147mm
Lens Height: 40mm
Lens Width: 62mm
Temple Length: 158mm
Bridge Width: 19mm
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