Chef Gabriel Lewis Heats up the Kitchen in BeBops Eye Frames

If you watched season 8 of the popular TV show Master Chef with Gordon Ramsey, you'll be familiar with Gabriel Lewis. Gabriel, aka Chef Gabe, was a top finalist and received high praise from the judges. In fact, Gabriel made such an impression that Gordon Ramsey promised to pay for the then 19 year old Chef Gabe to attend culinary school, saying:

“Young man, it’s very rare we see such raw talent that’s got amazing potential come through this competition. You’ve got the potential to be huge in this industry. You just need the right training. So I am personally going to send you to culinary school.”

Chef Gabriel Lewis Wearing BeBops Black Eyeglasses and Cooking Apron

Chef Gabe is also well known for his distinctive eyewear. So we were thrilled when he contacted us about our BeBops glossy black frames, as well as our Hemingway Farewells black and clear rectangular frames. Gabriel's eyewear is part of his public brand, and the fact that he choose Focusers frames makes us proud.

Chef Gabe had this to say about his new BeBops:

Chef Gabriel Lewis wearing BeBops eye frames

"These frames are in a word... Incredible!!! The are the perfect blend of old school and new age! Not only do I feel as though I am wearing a piece of creative history, but a new and stylish version of it! Fits perfectly to the face and provides a universal style for anyone looking for an everyday wear!"

And about his Hemingway Farewells:

Chef Gabriel Lewis wearing Hemingway Farewells Eye Glasses

"These frames are stunning! I have yet to leave the house and not receive a compliment. If you are looking for a way to merge an old school aesthetic with a new age style, these frames are the perfect fit."

If you visit Chef Gabe's website or social media pages, you'll see how important presentation is as part of his expert culinary talents. The way he prepares his servings visually is as important as the taste and aroma. Chef Gabe is just as discerning about his own appearance, so we know he wouldn't choose just any eyewear to wear on his face.

Thank you, Chef Gabe, for choosing Focusers!