4 Reasons Eye Frames are Your Most Important Fashion Accessory

The fashion-conscious among us have multiple scarves, neck ties, bracelets, rings, watches, shoes and other accessories to augment and complete their daily ensemble. In recent decades, eyewear has become perhaps the most important accessory of all, since they're worn where people look first when they meet you – your eyes! Having a varied eyewear selection gives you more control over how others perceive you, and also provides opportunities to be perceived in different ways.

At Focusers, our philosophy is, "Who do you want to be today?" So whether you wear eyewear with prescription lenses, as readers, sunglasses or simply to achieve a certain look, here are four reasons why you should have multiple eye frame accessories as a coordinated part of your wardrobe:

1. Different Eyewear Styles for Different Occasions

Attending a formal affair such as a wedding or award ceremony calls for suit and tie and evening gowns. That's when you bring out the expensive jewelry, watches and gems. So why shouldn't your eyewear match your bling? Stylish gold or silver metal eyewear or elegant rimless frames are an excellent choice for when you're puttin' on the ritz!

Gold Round Eye Frames with Watch, Cufflinks and Tie Pin
Gold Signature Metal Rounds are a great eye frame accessory match for gold watches, cufflinks and tie pins.

Silver Rimless Eye Frames with Bracelet and Cufflinks
Silver Traditional Rimless eyewear compliment silver accessories and jewelry.

2. Eye Frames for Physical Activity and the Outdoors

When you're out hiking, biking or other casual-yet-active exercises, you'll want your frames securely in place. A Focusers frame with wrap around coil temples will help you look good while keeping your eyewear safe and in place. And of course, sunglasses or progressive lenses – with or without prescription – are a must for sun safety (and looking cool)!

Tuxedo Cables Rimless look great and help you see great while keeping your eye frames securely in place.

Windsors coil wrap temple oval eye frames have a traditional look and are perfect for the outdoors.

3. Eyewear that Coordinates with your Clothing

Your ensemble changes with the seasons or various occasions. Brown and gold for Autumn. Bright colors for Spring. Rich, deep colors for evening wear. Why not accessorize your eye wear to match your seasonal styles? Tortoiseshell and acetate eyewear offer a myriad of selections to mix and match. Or if you have gold accessories for some occasions and silver for others, choose eyewear that matches and completes the look.

Hampshires Gold Amber Acetate Eyewear with Scarf and Suit
Hampshires smokey gold amber eye frames compliment an Autumn Ivy League ensemble.


Vampires Red Cat Eye Glasses with Matching Scarf
Vampires cat eye frames are an elegant and vivacious accessory for a night out.

4. Change Your Eye Frames – Change Your Persona

Say you're on a job interview. What would you wear around your eyes as you meet the gaze of your potential employer? Frames that make you look smarter, or like a leader? Or you're on a date and you want to dress to impress, or stand out at a party. Choose eye frames that make you look clever? Or accentuate your eyes? Your entire perceived personality can be changed by your choice of eyewear.

BeBops Glossy Black Eyewear with Roy Orbison
Bebops glossy black eye frames are inspired by Dizzy Gillespie's eyewear and worn by Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly and other musical giants. They give off a cool, creative, edgy vibe.

Atticus Finch Tortoiseshell Eyeglasses
Atticus tortoiseshell glasses reflect the noble heroism and resolve of Atticus Finch in the classic book and film To Kill a Mockingbird. Wearers of Atticus eye frames are seen as intellectual achievers and bastions of integrity.