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Gold Amber Atticus tortoise shell eyeglasses are distinguished by their warm earthen, honey amber color, which has a subtle golden aura in the light. The Dark Hue Atticus has a more dappled appearance, similar to the effect of sunlight streaming through a forest canopy on a cool Autumn day. Atticus frames are rare because we make them in the smaller 46 mm diameter eye sizes purposely to achieve an appearance that reinforces their grand legacy. However, you can also choose our 50 mm eye size.

Front view of Atticus dark hue tortoiseshell eyeglasses
Front view of Atticus gold amber tortoiseshell eyeglasses
Atticus dark hue and gold amber tortoiseshell eyeglasses set
Back view of Atticus gold amber tortoiseshell eyeglasses

Atticus – Classic Tortoiseshell Frames

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Film scene of Atticus Finch for whom frames are named

These classic horn rim frames are named for Atticus Finch, the revered, heroic lawyer portrayed by Gregory Peck in the iconic film To Kill a Mockingbird. Always a customer favorite, the Atticus is especially admired among the legal profession. You have a choice of rich, dark hue brown or gold-honey amber. Long associated with the intelligentsia of the past, the historically accurate, rounded shape of the Atticus horn rimmed eyeglasses are subtly more refined due to the distinctive "keyhole" shaped bridge. Don't be surprised if your colleagues begin to grill you about where they can obtain these famously distinguished frames.

Front Width: 130/137mm
Lens Height: 42/46mm
Lens Width: 46/50mm
Temple Length: 145mm
Bridge Width: 18mm
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