Ruby Red Cat Eye Frames — Perfect for Night or Daytime Prowling.

Though Vampires frames are perfect for night time prowling, they are transformed by daylight. The sun’s rays are absorbed by the ruby rims, causing them to shine and glow while subtly directing attention your way. Indeed, just like vampires of lore, our Vampires adapt to available light at the office, on the street, or over a romantic dinner. Vampires are available as frame only, with vision correction or as sunglasses. Happy hunting!

Front view of Vampires cat-eye ruby red eyeglasses
Side view of Vampires cat-eye ruby red eyeglasses
Corner view of Vampires cat-eye ruby red eyeglasses
Back view of Vampires cat-eye ruby red eyeglasses

Vampires – Ruby Red Cat Eye Frames

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Legend has it that a gorgeous 16th century Hungarian noblewoman named Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed was Dracula’s bride. Known for her beauty and cunning, her sultry, penetrating gaze could beguile any visitors to her castle in the Carpathian Mountains, some of whom were never seen again. Our alluringly feline Vampire frames will transform you into an enchantress with their translucent cat eye rims that form a curvy, inverse arch along your browline. By contrast, the opaque temples have striping along the inside that draw attention to your eyes, and end in a diamond-like rounded spear tip behind your ears that signify your hunter status.

Alluring Vampire eyewear gives you power over mere mortals!
Front Width: 142mm
Lens Height: 40mm
Lens Width: 62mm
Temple Length: 151mm
Bridge Width: 16mm
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