Jazzy hexagon-shaped horn rims eyeglasses.

Musicians in band playing trumpets

We were watching CNBC when a stock analyst came on to talk about the Bond Market. This well dressed and well spoken person was wearing spectacular looking horn rim eyeglasses. Their hexagon shape was neatly angled so it distinguished these frames from the ordinary. And the color was a rich honey and brown. 

Trumpets rims shapes were originally inspired by brass valve shapes on jazz instruments.

We were intrigued when we learned these glasses were called the "Trumpet," so we asked our frame archivist to do a little research. She reports that in 1945, a French eye wear designer by the name of Louis Gasper was in an American style jazz club celebrating V-J Day, and the end of World War II. Gasper became fascinated by the hexagon shape of three valves on the trumpet player's instrument. He sketched the shape, and went back to his studio to mold them into horn rims eye frames.

Our version of the Trumpet style eye glasses are a honey and brown color horn rim. Made of a specially compounded zyl that allows the frame to be thin yet sturdy, these quite sophisticated frames rest lightly on your face without any nose pads. Additionally, this frame is translucent in that its horn design transmits light but has sufficient diffusion to create a distinctive pattern and color scheme. The design and workmanship are impeccable, the styling is unique and therefore the frames bespeak good breeding and taste. They simply are a stand-out.

Trumpets Tortoise Shell Hexagonal Frames Front View
Trumpets Tortoise Shell Hexagonal Frames Three Quarter View
Trumpets Tortoise Shell Hexagonal Frames Back View

Trumpets – Hexagonal Oval Tortoise Shell Frames

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FRAME PRICE: $165.00 (Does not include lens options)
Front Width: 133mm
Lens Height: 35mm
Lens Width: 46mm
Temple Length: 145mm
Bridge Width: 19mm
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