Diopter-Strength Readers as Fashion Style Expression

If you wear diopter-strength eyewear, more commonly known as readers, you likely have presbyopia. This condition affects many if not most adults who've reach age 40 or above, and refers to the inability of the eyes to focus on close up objects, such as smartphones, books and computer screens. Many people view readers as a utilitarian, medical device, and don't think a lot about whether they enhance or detract from their style and appearance.

At Focusers, we believe your eyewear is your most important fashion accessory. They frame your eyes, which is where people first look when they greet you, and where they look when you converse. Even readers, which you may not wear all the time, are observed and noted by others. When you take them out to read a menu in a dimply lit restaurant or a report at an important business meeting, readers -- just like prescription eye glasses, sunglasses or other eyewear -- are making a silent statement about your personality and philosophies.

Oval Silver Metal Diopter Strength Readers on a book

Peabody-Pierce #23 Silver Metal eye frames as diopter strength readers.

Though readers generally are not worn all the time, they can be viewed as similar to a lighter, handkerchief or other accessories you carry about. They help you navigate your day, at the ready when you need to read something or view fine detail up close. A poor quality pair of readers can easily distract from your carefully cultivated public fashion persona.

Tortoise Shell Rectangular Diopter Strength Reader Eye Glasses

Hampshires eye frames as diopter strength readers.

Focusers eyewear are well-known for their beauty and quality, and are available as readers for no extra charge - you pay only for the frames! You can also have your frames as bifocals, with or without prescription, or with "no line" progressive lenses. Either way, with a pair of Focusers diopter strength reader glasses, you'll see great as you look great!