Eyewear as Fashion Accessory: Antique Gold Rimless Frames

As we often say at Focusers, your eyewear is your most important fashion accessory. They frame your eyes, which is of course where people look when they first meet and converse with you. If part of your wardrobe is based on antique bronze, brass or golds and you wish to coordinate your clothing and accessories with your eye frames, antique gold Tuxedo and Traditional rimless will complete your look!

Traditional Rimless Antique Gold

Traditionals come with more modern "L" or "hockey stick" shaped temples, yet still retain their classic styling. As with any Focusers' rimless eye frames, you can have your lenses in multiple shapes and sizes, which have a big impact on the persona you project. The antique gold color is an elegant match for ties, jewelry or other accessories, while a brighter gold or silver might create a jarring, out of place presence.

Antique Gold Eye Frames with matching tie necklace bracelet

Tuxedo Rimless Antique Gold

You don't need to have a tuxedo to wear Tuxedo Rimless frames, or even attend a formal affair. In fact, they're appropriate for everyday wear, securely held in place by wrap-around coiled cable temples. The Tuxedo's antique gold patina and their classic-style temples make them appear as if they're a family heirloom, passed down over generations.

Antique Gold Eye Frame with matching Watch Blouse

Both Traditionals and Tuxedos are made from the same premium metals and antique gold plating, and are designed to give you years of stylish comfort, and at a reasonable price. And if you really like their styling, you might consider a silver or gold version of these frames as well, to match other color schemes in your wardrobe and accessories.