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History Comes Alive Via Eyewear! Part 3: Rimless Eye Frames of the Gilded Age!

A Painting of a Gilded Age Ball and Fashion

Many believe that men and women's fashion reached its zenith during the Gilded Age in the United States and the Belle Epoque in Europe (from the 1860s through early 1900s). For those who required vision correction, carefully selected gold and silver metal rimless frames were an important fashion accessory.

Compare Transitions vs. Standard Sunglasses

Tortoise Shell and Gold Metal Sunglasses

How do you choose between transition lenses and standard sunglasses? Here are some tips to selecting the right lenses.

4 Reasons Eye Frames are Your Most Important Fashion Accessory

Eyewear Fashion Accessories

You have different fashion accessories for different occasions and situations. Consider how your eyewear compliments your ensemble.

He Sees You When You're Sleeping... using Focusers Santa Claus Eyeglasses!

Santa Claus Wearing Eyeglasses and Holding Finger to Lips

Where does a discerning Santa Claus get his eyeglasses? For a truly authentic and professional Santa, it's no secret. He shops at Focusers!

Timeless & Versatile Rectangle Eye Frames

Jason Momoa Julia Roberts Prince William Colin Firth Lucy Liu Wearing Rectangle Eye Glasses

Since the 1990s, rectangle rimmed eyewear has been a flattering accessory for celebrities that projects a stylishly powerful and intellectual persona. 

Eye Frames Clear as Crystal

Ingrid Bergman Tom Hanks Michael Douglas wearing clear eye frames

Clear rimmed eyewear have a unique gem-like character that blends with your skin tones. Sparkle and shine in these popular translucent eye frames favored by creative and tech giants!

History Comes Alive Via Eyewear! Part 2: BeBops -- Glossy Black "Jazz" Frames

Dizzy Gillespie Buddy Holly Roy Orbison Glossy Black Eye Frames

Dizzy Gillespie, Dave Brubeck, Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly all were famous for wearing shiny black eye frames, as prescription and/or sunglasses. Our BeBops match both the spirit and the style of the classic eyewear chosen by these and other musical icons. 

Yes, Ladies! Focusers has Eyewear Designed Exclusively for Women!

Collage of womans smiling lips and eyeglasses

Most people think of Focusers for mens eyewear, although many women love our frames as well. But did you know Focusers also has an eyewear collection exclusively for women? 

The Evolution of P3 Eyeglass Frames

P3 Temple Hinge Alignment Compared to Older Frames

Before the 1930s, most eyeglasses were round, oval or rectangular shaped. But since then, thanks in part to World War II, P3 frames have become one of the most popular frames styles in the world.

Choosing Eyewear: Your Face. Your Rules!

Your eye wear is an expression of you. It's nice to know what "the rules" are, but at the end of the day, if you want to make a statement that defies the rules -- or perhaps sets a new trend -- then it's Your face. Your rules!

Eyewear - your most important fashion statement!

Different eye glass styles on human face

Where is the first place people look when they meet you? Your choice of eyewear has the power to enhance your appearance more than most any other fashion choice.