Timeless & Versatile Rectangle Eye Frames

Rectangular eye frames are a favored style among the rich, powerful and famous due to their versatility and the mix of intellectual professionalism and geek chic they project.

Jason Momoa Julia Roberts Prince William Colin Firth Lucy Liu wearing eye frames
Jason Momoa, Julia Roberts, Prince William, Colin Firth and Lucy Liu favor rectangular eyewear.

Rectangular frames are designed to be wider than they are tall, often with an angled-edged, sporty, architectural look. Rectangles go with a casual, informal outfit as well as business and formal attire, and raise your perceived IQ roughly 20 in the view of others. Often, the wearer is in a position of leadership, or is seen as on their way up the ladder. Their matter-of-fact aspect and focus on the eyes implies the wearer is one who makes things happen and in in command of their own personal style and life.


Crasher Gold Metal Rectangle Eye Frames

Premium metal Crashers have a sweeping chevron-like browline across the top of the angled rectangular thin rims, connected by a flattened arched bridge placed near the top of the frames. Offered in shiny black, silver or gold, Crashers are a unique and modern blend of classic browline frames and contemporary angled style metal and will distinguish you as a discerning auteur regardless of your skin color and complexion.

Tiger Oaks

Tiger Oaks Acetate Tiger Striped Frames

Like the carpentry term for a richly striped wood grain pattern, Tiger Oaks eye frames are distinguished by the bold sienna amber and chocolate striping along its rims and temples. The broad front width of Tiger Oaks are a comfortable fit even for people with wider faces, or who simply prefer a slightly oversized front frame width. Tiger Oaks' sweeping rim shape and subtle "ferocious" pattern suggest a vitality and magnetism in the wearer, and are also offered in Matte "Panther" Black.

Tango US Army Glasses

Tango US Army Rectangular Eye Glasses

These dual-toned eye frames, a blend of tortoise shell tops and clear lower rims, are officially licensed by the US Army. Tangos, made of the best and toughest Zyl Acetate, are rugged yet flattering and appropriate for both men and women. The bold temple hinge area extends halfway down the sides of the frames, highlighted with silver metal bullet accents. Along with a solid inverted arched bridge, Tangos show the wearer to be one who is willing and able to overcome any challenge.

Gotham Eye Gear

Gotham Eye Gear Rectangular Acetate Frames

Gotham Eye Gear glasses have been observed in the trendiest bars and clubs of New York. Gothams come in a dark chocolate tortoise with vertical amber sienna stripes as well as gleaming, glossy black. The subtle, arched brow suggests a slight cat eye, but these are true rectangles and appropriate for both men and women who are on top of the metro fashion scene.


Candescents Rectangular Tortoise Shell Eye Frames

The chocolate and caramel highlighted tortoise shell version of Candescents illuminate from behind, due to the translucent interior of the rims and temples. Or choose clear crystal Candescents, which reflect your skin tones and sparkle with available light. Both versions of these rectangular eye frames have sweeping brow arches that meet in a mini arched bridge. Like Gothams, Candescents are also favored by urbanites, and have two round metal accents on the hinge area.

Diamants Ambre

Diamants Ambre Rectangle Clear Eye Frames

Diamants Ambres are a handsome combination of clear amber elegance and rectangularity. Wide clear champagne rims complement dark sienna tortoise shell temples. Made from premium zyl acetate with spring hinges for a comfortable fit, rectangular Diamants Ambre blend with your skin tones and create a natural sparkle about your eyes.

Bull Markets

Bull Markets Glossy Black Rectangle Eyeglasses

Glossy black Bull Markets eye frames are a thinner, more angular version of our popular BeBops frames, with diamond-shaped accents on the hinge areas and temples, and a browline that curves downward towards the inverted arch of the bridge.