Sleek Updated Classic Eyeglasses Favored by Wall Street!

Wall Street Bull Market Statue

We asked our designers to prowl around Wall Street N.Y., State Street in Boston and California Street in San Francisco to find out what young men and women assuming control of the the strategic areas of our economy preferred when selecting their eyewear. What they noticed was that as stock prices were rising in a bull market there was an overwhelming gravitation towards frames in this style. Secondly and perhaps more meaningful; the rising prices of investments in a bull market reflects optimism and ambition on the part of the investors. Glossy black Bull Markets eyeglass frames are a sleeker, more streamlined version of our popular BeBops frames, with diamond-shaped accents on the hinge areas and temples, and rims that curve downward towards the arch of the bridge.

Bull Market frames reflect the optimism and astute wisdom of the wearer.

Those who recognize the wisdom of investing in themselves also recognize that "looking the part" will aid in producing rich rewards. They couldn't do better than to choose Focusers' Bull Markets' frame style.

Bull Markets Gloss Black Eyeglass Frames Front View
Bull Markets Gloss Black Eyeglass Frames Three Quarter View
Bull Markets Gloss Black Eyeglass Frames Detail View
Bull Markets Gloss Black Eyeglass Frames Back View

Bull Markets – Glossy Black Rectangular Frames

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Front Width: 130mm
Lens Height: 35mm
Lens Width: 60mm
Temple Length: 140mm
Bridge Width: 20mm
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