He Sees You When You're Sleeping... using Focusers Santa Claus Eyeglasses!

When you're a professional Santa Claus, you are representing the beloved St. Nick in the eyes of children and Christmas celebrators. A true Kris Kringle pro like Mark Reed, who's been playing Santa for over twenty years, needed a proper set of eyewear that would match the authenticity of his outfits. But they were hard to find, as Mark explains:

"Early on in my Santa career, I began receiving requests from professional photographers to do Family Christmas Photo Sessions. Everything about my Santa attire was top quality, except for the $5 costume shop glasses. I began shopping online and came across Focusers.com from a Santa Resources page. The Windsors model looked like the perfect choice to complete my costume. They even had the temple tips that hooked around the back of the ears. This was very important to insure the glasses stay in place throughout a long day of shooting pictures."

Santa Claus wearing oval metal eyeglasses and in front of fireplace collage
Mark Reed, also known as Texarkana Santa, wears Windsors eye frames to complete his authentic Santa Claus outfit.

Mark was also happy to find a quality set of vintage-style oval shaped eyewear that would accommodate both his vision requirements and work well for Santa photography shoots:

"My lenses are my reading prescription with anti-glare and anti-reflective coating. Many times during my appearances I need to read children's letters and books. And the coating is necessary for the quality of the pictures. I do a lot of work with professional photographers each year and both the photographers and I are very pleased with your product."

In addition to photographers, other professional Santa Clauses have admired Mark's eyewear:

"While attending local, regional, and international Santa gatherings, I've received many compliments from other Santas regarding the quality and authenticity of my Focuser glasses. They are a quality product that are an asset in my Santa business."

Windsors, besides being an attractive set of eyewear, are based on the original colonial era eye frames worn by Benjamin Franklin. They are also sometimes selected by Civil War reenactors for their authentic appearance and the ability to have them with rx, reader strength or sunglass tinted lenses.