The Perfect Eyewear for Making Hand-Crafted Shoes

Amara Hark Weber creates one-of-a-kind custom footwear in her St. Paul studio, under the label Hark Weber Shoes. Amara uses time-honored  shoemaking methods, hammering the leather into shape, and cutting and hand-sewing her shoe designs to provide a custom fit for her clients. Her designs are timeless. “My shoes are fairly traditional,” said Amara, “but they are beautiful and built to last.”

When asked how she became a shoemaker, Amara responds, "I love the physical process of shoemaking - the visceral nature of working everyday with my hands, the longterm investment of years of practice to gain knowledge, and the challenge of working with new feet for each pair. I love the stories and lore about the secretive history of the craft shared among fellow makers. Beyond the joys of spending my days in the workshop, I believe that as a society we need to buy less and buy better. I hope that my small workshop is a contribution toward making this a reality."

Amara Hark Weber Custom Shoe Maker Wearing Focuser Metal Round Eye Frames

Amara wearing her Signature Metal Rounds eye frames in her workshop.

As to buying better eyewear, Amara said, "Crystal clear eyesight is fundamental to my work as a shoemaker, and these are the lightest weight and most comfortable frames that I've ever had. As an independent craftsman, it is important to me to do business with small companies and skilled individuals. Focusers fits the bill, addressing my questions right away and providing clear and concise explanations, which I greatly appreciated!"

We're proud that a craftsperson and artisan like Amara appreciates our frames. Quality is very important to us at Focusers. Our goal is that wearing Focusers frames provides the comfort and traditional style of a pair of custom made Hark Weber shoes!

Amara Hark Weber Custom Shoes Examples

Some examples of beautiful shoes Amara has created. To see more, please visit her website: www.harkweberstudio.com