Gold, Silver and Lilac Eyewear Jewelry for your Royal Face.

Duchess frames are slightly higher than normal in relation to their width, and have an arched slope towards the gold hinge arms. This oblong shape mimics the eye shape, allowing the crystal clear silvery rims and lilac flecks to subtly enhance the eye area similar to makeup. You needn’t be royalty to wear The Duchess, but you’ll feel like a queen when you add these lovely frames to your attire.

Front view of Duchess clear translucent eyeglasses
Side view of Duchess clear translucent eyeglasses
Detail view of Duchess clear translucent eyeglasses

Duchess – Translucent Oval Frames with Gold Temple Hinges

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Wallis Simpson Wearing Sunglasses

Inspired by the bespoke eyewear made exclusively for Wallis Simpson, former Duchess of Windsor, we proudly present Focusers’ version, named (what else?) the Duchess. These frames are distinctly feminine and elegant, yet they are a symbol of the respect due to the worthies for whom a king would gladly sacrifice his throne. The Duchess, as befitting royal custom made frames, have silver and crystal rims and temples, infused with lilac flecks. Even the hardware is suggest royalty. The hinges are gold colored zyl “arms” with beaded ends that reach forward from the temples around the center side of the rims, like knighted standard bearers holding them in place about the eyes.

Front Width: 127mm
Lens Height: 40mm
Lens Width: 54mm
Temple Length: 144mm
Bridge Width: 15mm
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