Classic Peabody-Pierce Oval Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses Imports

Peabody-Pierce #6 are a smaller, more rounded oval version of the #8 frames. This style is often chosen by upwardly-mobile members of the bar who aspire towards a career in British parliament. The three arches along the top of these frames tend to inspire trust and a sense of stability and integrity, which makes perfect sense for those who desire a career in leadership.

Front view of Peabody-Pierce #6 Blonde Streak tortoiseshell eyeglasses
Side view of Peabody-Pierce #6 Blonde Streak tortoiseshell eyeglasses
Front view of Peabody-Pierce #6 Clear Crystal eyeglasses
Side view of Peabody-Pierce #6 Clear Crystal eyeglasses
Side view Peabody-Pierce #6 Demi Black tortoiseshell eyeglasses

Peabody-Pierce Import: Trim-Frame Ovals #6

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Peabody-Pierce #6 are typically offered in a dark tortoise shell similar to frames favored by Winston Churchill. Over time, a honey amber version of these frames became popular among those whose features and complexion demanded and alternative to the dark tortoise version. As the Peabody-Pierce brand become more popular, so did these frames, but more variety was needed! So the bold demi black style was developed to provide an aggressive leopard version for creative-types. That was also a hit, so the clear crystal frames soon followed. 


Focusers is the exclusive North American importer and distributor of designer frames bearing the prestigious Peabody-Pierce LTD Eyewear label. Based on old-world workmanship reflected in every optical frame style Peabody-Pierce LTD offers, and their congruency with Focusers philosophy of creating updates of famous, classic eyewear, we are privileged by our association with Peabody Pierce LTD.

Front Width: 120mm
Lens Height: 38mm
Lens Width: 41mm
Temple Length: 145mm
Bridge Width: 23mm
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jeffwarder [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons