Round eyewear frames made famous by silent film star Harold Lloyd!

360 degree circular rimmed lens are often chosen to represent oneself as an intellectual outsider or rebel. Though fairly commonly worn by scientist and artist in the late 1800s – in true horn rim or tortoise shell – these eye frames were popularized with the advent of silent films and the stars who wore them in the early twentieth century.

Front view of Bicycles round tortoise shell eyeglasses
Side view of Bicycles round tortoise shell eyeglasses
Back view of Bicycles round tortoise shell eyeglasses

Bicycles – Round Tortoiseshell Frames

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Harold Lloyd wearing eyeglasses in film

When one of our designers attended a Harold Lloyd silent film festival, he was struck by the daring and athletic antics of the comedian, stuntman and star. He was also impressed by Lloyd's captivating trademark horn-rimmed round frames, which really suited the "never say die" attitude of his characters.

Lloyd's career took off in 1917 when he first donned his round spectacles. He developed a character who, though normally thoughtful, engaging and likeable, could be roused to wild and daring escapades, risking life and limb in new adventures and challenges. We captured this optimism and go-getter spirit in our new Bicycles. Made from glossy, premium Zyl, in exquisite walnut and caramel horn rim pattern, Bicycles are for those with the brains and brawn to overcome all obstacles. Contemporary movie fans will note a similar pair worn by Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark (even an adventurer like Indy needs to be fashion conscious!).

Front Width: 131mm
Lens Height: 46mm
Lens Width: 46mm
Temple Length: 145mm
Bridge Width: 19mm
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