Focusers Eye Glasses Style and Information

He Sees You When You're Sleeping... using Focusers Santa Claus Eyeglasses!

Santa Claus Wearing Eyeglasses and Holding Finger to Lips

Where does a discerning Santa Claus get his eyeglasses? For a truly authentic and professional Santa, it's no secret. He shops at Focusers!

Eye Frames Clear as Crystal

Ingrid Bergman Tom Hanks Michael Douglas wearing clear eye frames

Clear rimmed eyewear have a unique gem-like character that blends with your skin tones. Sparkle and shine in these popular translucent eye frames favored by creative and tech giants!

History Comes Alive Via Eyewear! Part 1: Windsors Oval Metal Frames

18th Century Gathering with Ben Franklin

Oval metal frames were one of the earliest eyewear developed in North America. We associate our oval Windsors frames with Ben Franklin, who developed the first reader magnifying lenses in North America. In fact, he called his spectacles "focusers", and since we admire Ben so much we took that name for our company and use Ben's likeness in our logo!