Coil Wrap-Around Cable Eye Frame Temples: A Secure, Comfortable Fit!

Many customers who've purchased our coil wrap around cable temple frames comment on how hard it is to find such frames, let alone ones made with our Focusers quality standards. We've been offering curly armed eyewear since the found of our company over twenty years ago, and they've consistently been among our best-sellers. In both rimless and oval metal styles, these coil wrap frames offer a secure, comfortable fit.

Windsors Coil Cable Wrap Eyewear

Windsors Coil Cable Temple Metal Oval Frames with Saddle Bridge Set

Windsors eye frames with coiled cable temples are available in pewter and matte gold finish.

Windsors Coil Cable Temples Eye Frames Detail

The wrap-around temples provide a secure, comfortable fit.

Windsors eye frames, in addition to their oval rims and elegant "saddle" shaped nose bridge, provide durable and comfortable wrap-around temples, similar to the 18th and 19th century eyewear that inspired them. Available in both 42 and 38mm rim sizes as well as pewter or matte gold finish, Windsors temples measure 165mm in total length and 135mm where the curve begins, allowing for a secure fit on most any head size.

Tuxedo Cables Rimless Eyewear

Tuxedo Coil Cable Rimless Eye Frames Set

Tuxedo Cables Rimless eye frames, shown in Silver, Gold and Antique Gold.

Tuxedo Cable Coil Temple Eye Frames Detail

Tuxedo Cables temples are 165mm when extended full length, and 135mm where the curve begins.

If you prefer rimless eye frame style with wrap-around temples, Tuxedo Cable Rimless fames are for you! Not only do they offer the same temple fit as Windsors, Tuxedos come in three color choices and are available in multiple lens shapes, which can be adjusted up or down 4mm in size.

Not only to coil cable temples keep your frame snug on your face and nose, they relieve pressure on ear cartilage. The durable spring coil snaps back to shape when removed from the ears.