Eye Frames Clear as Crystal

There’s something uniquely paradoxical about clear eye frames. They have a hipster intellectual quality, expressing a desire for a "clear as crystal" simplicity that blends with your skin tones. They also sparkle like ornamental gems, catching, refracting and reflecting the light. In fact, such clear frame eyeglasses act as a natural highlighter, brightening up the eye area and removing shadows cast by darker colors. That's why they're favored by both creative and tech leaders.

Ingrid Bergman Tom Hanks Annette Bening Michael Douglas wearing clear eye frames

Ingrid Bergman famously wore clear eye frames while playing a doctor in "Spellbound". Clear frame eyewear is currently worn by Tom Hanks, Annette Bening and Michael Douglas.

Though clear eye frames have been available since the 1940s, over the past decade they've seen a resurgence in popularity. On a purely aesthetic basis, these frame offer a light and airy appearance similar to rimless frames while maintaining the substantive feel of acetate plastic. Unpretentious yet beautiful, focused yet ornamental, clear crystal eyewear are a remarkably versatile accessory for your wardrobe.

Here are Focusers' clear eye frame offerings:


Candescents Clear Crystal Eye Frames

Candescents are rectangular frames with a very subtle arched brow and lowered nose bridge, along with a wide, wing-like temple hinge area. The sleek modernized classic lines of the Clear Crystal version of these frames capture and deflect light and blend with your skin tones. Candescents frames are also available in a Chocolate Tortoise Shell. Either version makes a great pair of sunglasses, with or without prescription!

Peabody-Pierce Trim Frame Ovals #6

Peabody-Pierce Oval Clear Crystal Eye Frames

Trim Frame Oval #6 frames are part of the elegant Peabody-Pierce collection, of which Focusers is the exclusive North American importer/distributor. These oval eye frames have three arches along the top of these frames, along the rims and the bridge, and imply a classic studiousness and intellectual curiosity. Available in three different color variations, the Crystal presents a sculpted glass appearance to the world.


Hubbles Crystal Clear Oval Eye Frames

Hubbles are named to honor Edwin Hubble as well as the Hubble Space Telescope. Like the visionary astronomer and the telescope, these clear translucent frames inspire the imagination on a cosmic scale. Modified oval rims combined with an arched keyhole, in both Crystal and Wheat clear acetate. Gloss black as well as tortoise shell temple complement the star sparkling look.

Diamants Ambre

Diamants Ambre Clear Crystal Rectangular Eye Frames

Diamants Ambre is French for Amber Diamonds, which is where one of our designers found inspiration for these elegant frames. The translucent rectangular rims and bridge have a slight amber tone which, combined withe the umber and sienna temples, interpret eye frames as a luxury item, similar to a fine mens' watch.

The Duchess

The Duchess Clear Crystal Eye Frames

The Duchess was designed for women, to emulate ornamental styles favored in the 1930s and 40s. Clear translucent modified oval rims are adorned with regal gold colored hinge coverings. Feminine and elegant, Duchess eye frames surround your eyes like a crown.