Ruby and Umber Leopard Cat-Eye Frames

Distinctly feline eye frames for your sly inner goddess.

Front view of Bacchus cat-eye eyeglasses
Side view of Bacchus cat-eye eyeglasses
Back view of Bacchus cat-eye eyeglasses
Detail view of Bacchus cat-eye eyeglasses

Bacchus – Leopard Pattern Cat-Eye Tortoiseshell Frames

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Illustration of the Roman god Bacchus, namesake for the eyeglass frames

When designing these tortoise shell frames we were thinking of Bacchus, the ancient Roman god of wine and celebration, often represented as a beautiful youth with black eyes and flowing curls filleted with ivy, in a chariot drawn by panthers. These Bacchus eyeglass frames are for those whom an admiring cadre of friends befits the status of a satirical goddess in times of peace and contentment, as well as for those who have cat-like strength and cunning when battle approaches.

Bacchus eye frames are a ruby red wine tortoise shell color.

In fact, the feline angled curved rims imbued with red amber-wine tortoise shell give the wearer of these eyeglass frames a deeply passionate aura, as one who drinks deep from the fount of being alive. Or as they say in Rome, "bevuto con l'amore della vita" (drunk with love of life).

Front Width: 132mm
Lens Height: 31mm
Lens Width: 47mm
Temple Length: 140mm
Bridge Width: 19mm
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