Gold Spanish Style Frames with Tortoise Rim Overlays

Front view of Andalusians gold metal eye glasses
Back view of Andalusians gold metal eye glasses
Detail view of Andalusians gold metal eye glasses

Andalusians – Ornate Gold Frames with Tortoise Shell Inlays

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Architecture in Spain that inspired Andalusians frame design

While traveling in southern Spain, one of our frame stylist was struck by the eclectic elegance of the magnificent 13th century Moorish palace, Alhambra at Granada. As she explored its lush arcades and hallways, she was captivated by the intricately decorated arches supported by slender, ornate columns, the elaborate floor mosaics and arabesque carvings. Inspired, she found a quiet niche in the gardens and sketched out what became our Andalusians eyewear.

Named for the Spanish community known for its historic and geographic beauty, Andalusians feature long, tapered golden temples adorned with arabesque swirls and flourishing curls that extend over the rounded hinge area. The gold-rimmed lenses are highlighted with copper and marmalade tortoise shell, and connected with a thicker than normal arcing bridge suggestive of the palace arches. You needn't be a mighty caliph to wear Andalusians. But the opulent motifs of these eyeglasses do speak to your refined sense of taste and style. 

Front Width: 125mm
Lens Height: 38mm
Lens Width: 45mm
Temple Length: 145mm
Bridge Width: 19mm
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