The Personality of Round Eyeglasses

Round rimmed eye glasses have always made a distinct statement about the outsider status wearer. Often chosen by trailblazers and visionaries, round frames have been worn by both fictional and real-life creatives, intellectuals, scientists, heroes and visionaries. Perhaps they're attracted to to the geometric simplicity of the perfect circle frames, or how the shape make one's eyes seem more "open". Regardless, round eyeglasses are permanently associated with their personas

Harold Lloyd Round Glasses    Ghandi Round Glasses

Silent film star Harold Lloyd, whose round tortoise shell frames became popular in 1910s & 1920s America due to his wildly innovative and seemingly death defying comedic movies. And Mohandes Ghandi's iconic silver metal round glasses became famous throughout the entire world as he led India's independence movement through non-violent protests.

John Lennon Round Glasses    Janis Joplin Round Glasses

Musical visionary and Beatles founding member John Lennon's round rimmed frames are still emulated and worn by creatives and intellectuals. Janis Joplin's oversized round rimless frames reflected her passion, flamboyance and free spirit.

Samuel L Jackson Round Glasses    Steve Jobs Round Glasses

Samuel L. Jackson's round glossy black frames are a perfect match for his cool intellect and larger than life style. And Apple's innovative founder Steve Jobs wore rimless round glasses in partial homage to Ghandi's frames.

Harry Potter Round Glasses    Daria Round Glasses

In fiction, boy wizard Harry Potter's round rimmed glasses -- plus his lightening bolt scar -- marked him as a true leader, adventurer and hero. And late 1990s animated cartoon Daria combined her black round glasses with her outsider's snarky wit and deadpan cleverness.

Today, round glasses are extremely popular among creative and musical trailblazers as well as movers and shakers in the world of business and finance. The round shape suggests an outside the box thinker who sees the universe differently than others, and is fine with forging their own path in life.