Focusers Eye Glasses Style and Information

Classic Eyewear Styles: Rimless Glasses

Various Styles of Rimless Eyeglasses

Rimless frames were originally associated with wealth and success in the 1800s. Today they're chosen by men and women who are looking for lightweight frames with an elegant style. 

The Personality of Round Eyeglasses

Round glasses on famous people

Round rimmed glasses has always made a distinct statement about the wearer. Often chosen by trailblazers and visionaries, round frames have been worn by both fictional and real-life creatives, intellectuals, scientists, heroes and visionaries.

The Evolution of P3 Eyeglass Frames

P3 Temple Hinge Alignment Compared to Older Frames

Before the 1930s, most eyeglasses were round, oval or rectangular shaped. But since then, thanks in part to World War II, P3 frames have become one of the most popular frames styles in the world.