Peabody-Pierce Eyewear for Classic Fall Fashion Style!

The Peabody-Pierce Collection is among Focusers' most popular and esteemed eyewear. Both the Peabody #23 metal oval eye frames and the Peabody #8 tortoiseshell eyewear have won over customers as two of our best-sellers. One reason why the #8s are so desirable is their versatility – the classic lines and P3 shapes of these British imported frames enhance most any outfit with which they're paired.

Peabody #8s Demi Black Tortoiseshell Eyeframes

Peabody Demi Black Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses Fashion Outfit Collage

Demi Black Peabody 8s are a perfect match for Fall styles. The mustard gold and dark umber browns of these tortoiseshell eye frames highlight your eyes while picking up the colors of your ensemble.

Peabody #8s Autumn Blaze Eyeframes

Peabody Sienna Eyeframes Fashion Outfit

Autumn Blaze Peabody 8's smoky sienna colors compliment warm medium tone leather shoes, purses and belts. These frames are often worn as sunglasses or transitions.

Peabody #8s Black Crystal Eyeframes

Peabody Black and Silver Eyeglasses Fashion Outfit Collage

Black Crystal Peabody 8s are at home at the work place as professional attire. But their silvery crystal highlights also make them appropriate for formal occasions.

Peabody #8s Honey Demi Tortoiseshell Eyeframes

Peabody Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses Fashion Outfit

Deep, color-rich Honey Demi Peabody 8s are especially favored among the Ivy League set. The traditional style of Peabody 8s plus the ruddy warm reds and umbers of these tortoiseshell beauties have a long and popular history on the campuses of Harvard, Yale, Princeton and other elite schools.