Curved Rectangular High-Grade Plastic (Zyl) Resin Frames

President addressing congress

The witness was cocky until the lawyer looked him straight in the eye and in machine gun style, had him with four questions on cross-examination that reduced him to a puddle. The employee walked into the CEO's office and cogently elucidated why a raise and promotion were well-deserved, resulting in a hearty handshake and agreement. The police officer sternly looked in the driver's side window and asked for "license and registration please". The driver stared him down, calmly explaining why there was a good reason for the vehicle to be observed swerving. The officer retreated without writing a citation. What did these three people have in common? They were all wearing our no-nonsense Persuaders eyeglasses.

Authoritative Persuader frames are the perfect eyewear accessory for those who wish to win over public & individual opinion.

If you desire a secret weapon that firmly, subtly convinces others to agree with you, we suggest you wear our Persuaders. These influential frames come in a proper mixture of translucent brown and amber with sturdy spring hinges. Coppery bronze metal inlays with precision patterning add an authoritative air to the extra-long temples - perfect for holding like a conductor's baton while making your point. Serious and sincere, Persuaders are designed by Mark Hunter.

Persuaders Amber Brown Zyl Rectangular Frames Front View
Persuaders Rectangular Frames Back View
Persuaders Rectangular Frames Detail View

Persuaders – Amber Brown Zyl Rectangular Frames

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Front Width: 132mm
Lens Height: 30mm
Lens Width: 52mm
Temple Length: 152mm
Bridge Width: 16mm
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