Unique green and blue metal frames accented by an earthy matte black

Crisp and unusual, the distinctive green and blue colored rims and temples of these delightful frames are bordered and accented by an earthy matte black, complimenting the complexion of all people regardless of ethnicity. Indeed, we were wondering why everyone does not wear Green-Peas -- a breath of fresh air and a reminder of our connection to nature. Green Peas – The only frames officially endorsed by Mother Nature!

Front view of Green Peas metal eyeglasses
Back view of Green Peas metal eyeglasses

Green Peas – Teal and Matte Black Oval Metal Frames

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Painting of Reclining Mother Nature in Clover

If you've ever been in a lush garden that has peapods, you'll remember the sweet, fresh aroma and the unique coloration of the pods - a soft combination of green mixed with a reflection of the cerulean blue sky, creating an unforgettable color otherwise unmatched by Mother Nature. That experience has been captured in our fresh new Green-Peas! The color of these metal eyeglass frames matches that wonderful garden experience. 

Front Width: 120mm
Lens Height: 32mm
Lens Width: 45mm
Temple Length: 140mm
Bridge Width: 18mm
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