Gold-Pewter Oval-Shaped Metal Eyeglass Frames

Erudites project a wise, learned aspect and imply poetic eloquence. They're commonly seen in museum libraries, on lecture tours, or in coffee houses where the literati debate poetry, philosophy and art. Whether you've already achieved your bachelors, masters or even PHD (or are on your way), Erudites are the first choice for learned men and women, and the eyewear accessory of scholars, poets and academics.

Front view of Erudites gold pewter metal eyeglasses
Back view of Erudites gold pewter metal eyeglasses
Detail view of Erudites gold pewter metal eyeglasses

Erudites – Flattened Oval Shaped Metal Frames

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The Surrey Scholar statue

Academics, teachers and others dedicated to life-long learning and teaching will gravitate to Erudites, our new frames taken straight from the classrooms, hallways and lecterns of leading universities and prep schools. These simple, stately metal eye frames feature a warm pewter-bronze color that give the arched bridge and bowed-oval rims an assured yet understated professorial authority. The thin oar-shaped temples remind one of Ivy League sculling competitions, and feature a scholarly "opened book" hinge stop. Erudites eyewear may not actually make you a scholar, but everyone will think you are!

Front Width: 120mm
Lens Height: 32mm
Lens Width: 44mm
Temple Length: 140mm
Bridge Width: 18mm
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