Our Classic Duckies now in Two Colors!

Young Gentlemen of London circa 1930

In pre-war London, the fashion of the day for young men was bowler hats, high-collared shirts and double-breasted long coats. If you were suitably outfitted, your friends and colleagues would say you're "just ducky!" which meant you look fine. Though the phrase has fallen out of use, we chose the name Duckies for these frames because of the top quality and "just fine" compliments you can expect when wearing them.

"Just Ducky!" would describe how the trend-setters of pre-war (and contemporary) London both looked and felt wearing these classic frames.

Focusers is proud to offer our famous Duckies style eye glasses in both a Blonde Amber and Dark Hue Tortoise Shell color. These frames are expertly molded in an update of the classic "Poor-Boy" shape that we selected as an antidote to the flat shaped, stingy frames that are just about the only style the ordinary retail stores seem to want you to wear. Our version of the Duckies are much more proportional, with the height measuring 40 mm and the width (eye size) a nice, 45 mm. All together, they are an example of the hottest new trend in eye wear, for both men and ladies.

View of Duckies tortoiseshell eyeglasses frames set
Front View of Duckies dark hue tortoiseshell eyeglasses
Side View of Duckies dark hue tortoiseshell eyeglasses
Front View of Duckies amber tortoiseshell eyeglasses
Side View of Duckies dark hue tortoiseshell eyeglasses

Duckies – "Poor Boy" Shaped Tortoise Shell Frames

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Front Width: 125mm
Lens Height: 40mm
Lens Width: 47mm
Temple Length: 145mm
Bridge Width: 18mm
Governor's Poor Boys | Peabody Pierce Import #8 | Atticus
FOTO:FORTEPAN / Lőrincze Judit [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons