Rounded Metal Eyewear as Homage to Dutch Naval Officers

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Hans Lippershey, a 16th century Dutch spectacle maker, developed the telescope for the Royal Netherlands Navy during the Eighty Years War. Unlike Lippershey’s spectacles, which were made of wood and either held like a hand mirror or pinched on the nose, the newly invented telescope used a brass ring to house the lenses. The admirals in the Dutch navy were so enamored with the idea of deploying the same brass rings for their own spectacles they commissioned Lippershey to develop them. Our Admirals frames are named in tribute to the original circular Lippershey eyewear, but modified into an enhanced oval for style and utility.

The original inspiration for Admirals eyewear design came from brass telescopes

Admiral’s come in two options: gleaming gold and gloss bronze. The rims are nearly circular, but are actually an enhanced oval shape that allows for placing the spring hinges higher up on the sides. The bridge, thicker and more rounded than the metal rims, has a slight, subtle arch that provides contrast with the rim shape without making it seem out of place. Highly versatile, Admirals are great as prescription glasses, readers and/or sunglasses.

Admirals Gold Metal Eye Frames Front View
Admirals Gold Metal Eye Frames Side View
Admirals Bronze Metal Eye Frames Front View
Admirals Gold and Bronze Metal Eye Frames Set

Admirals – Gold or Bronze Metal Frames

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Front Width: 128mm
Lens Height: 48mm
Lens Width: 42mm
Temple Length: 141mm
Bridge Width: 18mm
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