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Gold, Silver or Antique Rimless Frames with Flexible Coiled Temples

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While our customers have never been shy about asking us for a particular frame style that they could not find anywhere else, the sheer number of requests for rimless eyeglasses with old-fashioned coiled cable temples was unprecedented. Although we wanted to please our customers, we were not satisfied until we could create such temples that met our exacting standards for authenticity, comfort and durability. Our best frame engineers meticulously researched and then developed various designs for historically correct coiled metal cable temples. Our diligence, high standards and commitment to quality (not to mention our customers' demand for excellence) have been rewarded with our new Tuxedo Cables.

The Tuxedo Rimless cable temples will keep your frames securely on your face when you're puttin' on the ritz!

We put these cables on our Traditional Rimless cable temple eyeglasses series because they are as elegant and traditional as a black-tie affair. The coiled temples keep the bridge and lenses snug and comfortable on your face without the constant inching southward down your nose as ordinary frames often do. When you remove your frames, watch the spring coil that forms the cable temple "snap-back" into shape, retaining the antique look. Now imagine how utterly cool a pair of Tuxedo Cable Rimless Sunglasses would be! Think of what early pilots wore in their pioneering flights, or what the ball players on the 1927 New York Yankees wore. Let your mind wander, then order your choice of lens shape with plain lenses or with corrective, reading or bifocal lenses.

Tuxedo Cable Rimless Gold Eyeglass Frames Three Quarter View
Tuxedo Cable Rimless Gold Eyeglass Frames Front View
Tuxedo Cable Rimless Silver Eyeglass Frames Three Quarter View
Tuxedo Cable Rimless Silver Eyeglass Frames Front View
Tuxedo Cable Rimless Gold Eyeglass Frames Detail View

Tuxedo Cables Rimless Frames

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TUXEDO CABLES (6-10) PRICE: $143.00
Front Width: 127mm (Hexagon lens), 133mm (Round, Octagon, Oval, Enhanced Oval, or Oblong lenses)
Lens Height: View Shapes and Sizes
Lens Width: View Shapes and Sizes
Temple Length: 135mm (curved) 160mm (straight) Due to the wrap around coiled temple, Tuxedo Cables will fit comfortably on any face.
Bridge Width: 20mm
Frame Color Options: Gold, Antique Gold or Silver
Duolettes | Traditionals Rimless | Signature Rimless

* NOTE: RImless lenses can be made up to 4mm larger, applied equally to both Lens Heigh and Lens Width.