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Ivy League Style Honey Amber and Dark Hue Eyeglass Frames

Ivy League University Campus

In the club rooms of Ivy League colleges, the legacy students, scions of the Eastern Establishment, identified themselves to each other by sporting honey amber colored eyeglasses with a straightened top, P3-shaped rounded rims and extended hinge shapes. Not only did the frames make the wearer seem like a millionaire, but the shape was quite flattering too. These frames were not sold in local stores. You had to go to small boutiques in Newport or the Hamptons to find them. The rich-wannabees drove themselves crazy trying to find out where they could snag a pair so they too could look as if their father and grandfather were alumni. With sarcasm, they named the frame style, "Poor Boys", and the moniker stuck.

So-called "Poor Boys" frames were popular among legacy scions of wealthy Ivy League alumni.

During the late sixties and much of the seventies, things that smacked of wealth, good taste and tradition were no longer prized, and the Poor Boys dropped off the radar screen. Then a few trend-setting political candidates and business leaders brought them back in the, in a modified, custom made smaller eye size in rich, deep honey-toned tortoise shell. The resurrection worked, and when the size of the P3 rim shape was reduced, these outstanding frames suddenly became appropriate for both men and women. Because the new iterations of the Poor Boys were custom-made, those who sought them in stores were still out of luck. That is, until Focusers vowed that from this point forward, no customer of ours will be deprived of Governor's Poor Boys.

If you really want to look as if your father's driver just dropped you off to private school in the family's Bentley, order your GPBs in prescription sunglasses. Select the tint color of your choice (G-15 green is the "trad" choice). Or consider ordering two frames: one in honey amber and the other in dark hue tortoise, to perfect your Ivy style look for every occasion.

Governor's Poor Boys Eyeglass Frames Set
Governor's Poor Boys Honey Amber Eyeglass Frames Front View
Governor's Poor Boys Dark Hue Eyeglass Frames Front View
Governor's Poor Boys Honey Amber Eyeglass Frames Three Quarter View
Governor's Poor Boys Due Hue Eyeglass Frames Three Quarter View
Governor's Poor Boys Honey Amber Eyeglass Frames Back View
Governor's Poor Boys Due Hue Eyeglass Frames Back View

Governor's Poor Boys: Classic Ivy League Tortoise Shell Frames

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Front Width: 138mm
Lens Height: 40mm
Lens Width: 46mm
Temple Length: 145mm
Bridge Width: 18mm
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Ivy league photo by Maeshima hiroki (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons