Yes, Ladies! Focusers has Eyewear Designed Exclusively for Women!

Focusers is well-known for our frame styles that appeal to both discerning men and women. Customers of both genders have enjoyed our rimless frames, tortoiseshell, round frames and vintage ovals for decades. But most eyewear shoppers are unaware of our "exclusively for ladies" eyeglasses collection. These feminine eyeglasses are developed specifically for women - no men allowed unless you want to get in touch with your feminine side!

Duo-Bar Lunettes: Petite Gold Rimmed Frames

Duo-Bar Lunettes Gold Womens Eyeglasses

Gleaming gold metal Duo-Bar Lunettes have long been a staple in our women's eyewear collection almost from the very beginning of Focusers! These eye frames are designed to look like fine hand-crafted jewelry, with rounded hexagonal rims supported by double barred bridge and hinge areas. These delicate looking yet premium crafted eyeglasses are suitable accessories for both the office and after hours entertainment.

Vampires: Ruby Red Cat Eye Frames

Vampires Red Cat Eye Womens Glasses

Though beautiful and sleek by day, Vampires eyewear truly come alive(?) at night, when these translucent ruby red cat eye frames are on the prowl. The arching rims gives your eyes a subtle predatory look, transfixing those who fall under your gaze. Made of premium cellulose acetate, Vampires are designed to retain their gem like vibrancy as you're admired by the mere mortals in your presence.

Capistranos: Honey tortoise shell / gold metal frames

Capistranos Tortoise Shell Oval Eyeglasses for Women

Oval tortoise shell sunglasses with gold metal temples have been a staple accessory for women in Los Angeles for decades. These frames were first seen on California girls back in the late 1970s, as the well to do and famous shopped Rodeo Drive. We've added a broad "key hole" style bridge providing an extra quirk that draws and holds attentive stares.

There are more ladies exclusive frames in our Women's Eyewear collection, which includes a variety of gold and silver plated metal frames as well as tortoise shell and premium plastics. Of course, our general portfolio of Focusers designer frames are enjoyed by women as well as men.