The Cool, Inscrutable Style of Black Sunglasses!

From the days when Roman Emperor Nero watched gladiator fights through polished gemstones to reduce sun glare, famous figures have been setting trends for sunglasses. Luckily, 2,000 years later, sunglasses have evolved more convenient–and less expensive–styles! It wasn't until the early twentieth century that actors began wearing dark tinted glasses to hide the redness in their eyes from long exposure to klieg lights during filming. Once the public saw 1920s film stars Rudolph Valentino, Charlie Chaplin, Clara Bow and others in dark shades, sunglasses began to appear on faces on the streets of New York and the beaches of Atlantic City in the 1930s. 

Since then, black sunglasses have become the go-to style when one wants to create a persona of:

Bob Dylan wearing black sunglasses

..a cool, brooding creative like Bob Dylan...

Jack Nicholson wearing black sunglasses

..a devilish rule-breaker like Jack Nicholson...

Marcello Mastroianni wearing dark sunglasses

..a suave, worldly lover like Marcello Mastroianni...

Tom Cruise wearing dark sunglasses in Risky Business

..a risk-taking, ultra-confident showman like Tom Cruise!

Black sunglasses, in black frames, do so much more than protect your eyes from sun or glare. Dark shades like these hide your eyes – the first place people look when they meet you. 

So much is expressed via your eyes, and wearing dark sunglasses helps "pull the shades on the windows of your soul", making you cool and inscrutable. Black sunglasses set you apart as you watch and interact with the world and make you instantly cool and hip!

Focusers offers these beautiful black frames as sunglasses. You can have your made as transitions, and as prescription, readers. bifocals or as, of course, regular sunglasses with full UV protection:

BeBops Glossy Black Frames Sunglasses

BeBops glossy black frames styled after those worn by jazz great Dizzy Gillespie!

Black Owls Glossy Black Round Sunglasses

Black Owls round 360 degree circular eye frames!

Crashers Black Metal Rectangular Sunglasses

Crashers, extra wide modified rectangular metal "brow line" eyewear!