Translucent Eyewear for Visionaries Who Shake the Universe

Hubble Telescope Space Image

During the 1920s, astronomer Edwin Hubble’s discoveries and theories forever changed how we think of the age and nature of our universe. His contribution to science was so profound that the Hubble Space Telescope was named for him. We decided to honor his cosmos-expanding work as well with frames that stylistically harken back to his era, but are updated with enhanced oval shaped clear acetate rims. Our Hubbles frames offer two options: clear crystal rims with black temples, as well as the translucent “wheat” color rims with tortoise shell temples.

Classic eyewear with sparkling clear crystal or warm wheat colored rims.

These rounded frames exemplify Focusers’ philosophy of combining classic eyewear styles with contemporary updates to create something new and unique. Clear rimmed acetate frames are commonly worn by cutting edge software developers as well as fashion journalists in New York and LA. They project a lighter, almost rimless aspect to them, both reflecting and capturing sunlight and mixing it with your skin tones. Though these frames honor classic styles with an arched “key hole” bridge, they look to the future as they sparkle like newly discovered stars in the night sky.

Hubbles Clear Wheat Rimmed Eye Frames Front View
Hubbles Clear Wheat Rimmed Eye Frames Side View
Hubbles Clear Crystal Rimmed Eye Frames Front View
Hubbles Clear Crystal Rimmed Eye Frames Side View
Hubbles Clear Wheat  and Clear Crystal Rimmed Eye Frames Set

Hubbles – Translucent Rimmed Frames in Clear Crystal or Wheat

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Front Width: 137mm
Lens Height: 43mm
Lens Width: 50mm
Temple Length: 145mm
Bridge Width: 18mm
Peabody-Pierce #6 (Crystal) | Governor's Poor Boys | Candescents