Ivy Style Eyewear

When someone mentions Ivy League Style, they're talking about a traditional, formal yet casual look first popularized on Ivy League campuses in the 1920s and 30s. This style has evolved into three distinct categories: Ivy League, Trad and Preppy. No matter which variation you embrace, your eyewear choice can make or break your look.

One of our most popular frames are Governor's Poor Boys. These exclusive P3 frames are a perfect compliment to the oxford cloth shirts, brushed Shetland sweaters, Harris Tweed jackets, flannel trousers and other attire embraced by traditional-minded Ivy Leaguers and those who adopt the look. In fact, "GPBs" have been cited as Trad wear among subscribers to Ivy Style, on the web.

Governors Poor Boys P3 Ivy Style Tortoise Eye Frames

Governor's Poor Boys, in Honey Amber or Dark Hue Tortoise

Also cited on Ivy Style are Trim Frame Poor Boys #8 from our Peabody-Pierce Import collection. These frames come in four different colors and tortoise shell styles, and share the classic "keyhole" shape under the bridge. They're slightly different than GPBs with arched ridges on top of the bridge and slightly rounder P3 shaped rims. 

Peabody Pierce Import Trim Frame Poor Boys Honey Demi Frames

Peabody-Piece trim Frame Poor Boys #8, in Honey Demi.

Our third Ivy League style frames are the Atticus. They also have the keystone shaped bridge, but with rims that are more round and full than a traditional P3 shape. Atticus frames are named for attorney Atticus Finch, from the classic To Kill a Mockingbird book and film.

Atticus Gold Amber Tortoise Shell Frames

Atticus frames are more rounded, and come in Gold Amber or Dark Hue.

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