Frames for 2020! Beautiful New Focusers Eyewear!

Focusers has new -- and some updated -- eyeglasses to offer! As always, these frames are based on classic styles, updated with contemporary materials and fashion sense. Without further ado, here are our latest eyewear creations:

Hampshires Gold Amber Smoke Pattern Tortoiseshell Eye Frames

Hampshires eyeglasses tortoise shell gold amber

Originating from New England, the smoky warm umbers and gold amber of these curved rectangular frames were a sensation in New York City during the early 1950s. Translucent Hampshires are especially complementary to brown or tanned skin tones, but are wonderful accents on all faces as sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses. We expect Focusers customers who enjoy Peabodys and Governor's Poor Boys will love these classic frames, which are a hot item on downtown campuses on the East coast as well as Ivy League universities, and are often seen on celebrities at awards shows and during interviews.

Peabody-Pierce #23 Matte Gold Eye Frames

Matte Gold Oval Peabody Pierce Eyeglasses

The original silver Peabody #23 -- so called "straight temple Windsors" -- were a huge a hit! So, just like Windsors, we decided to add a matte gold version. Now customers have alternatives for oval rimmed silver and matte gold eye frames, in both the coiled temple Windsor style and the straight templed Peabody #23. Both are made from the same top quality materials, with a traditional saddle bridge. While the silver version has black temple stem covers, matte gold #23s have a sienna brown covering.

BeBops Classic Shiny Black Eye Frames

BeBops Black Rectangular Eye Frames

The original is back! By popular customer demand, we're representing the classic BeBops style, returning to the sleeker, more rectangular style popularized by Dizzy Gillespie and other jazz greats during the late 1940s and early 1950s, then adopted by activists like Malcom X in the 1960s. For artists, intellectuals and ground breaking visionaries, BeBops are to coolest frames in town!

New BeBops! Demi Amber Tortoise Shell Eye Frames

BeBops Tortoise Shell Rectangular Eye Frames

"Wouldn't BeBops look great as tortoise shells?" was the question one of our interns asked when shown the origin style. We were intrigued, so after trying different color combinations, we chose red amber and black for our Demi Amber BeBops. Same cool styling, but the rich red glows when struck by sunlight. These frames are a terrific compliment for any skin tones, and are fantastic as sunglasses.