The style worn by the creative intelligentia, made feminine and flattering.

In ancient Greece, a wreath of laurels were conferred as an accolade for achievements in the arts and sciences as well as in brawny athletic fetes . So we named our Laureates eyeglasses in honor of those who strive for the best they can be in their lofty endeavors. This style evolved from the rather sparse, all black style popular with the "Beat" Generation of the 1950's and early 60's. Out of vogue for 20 years, they re-appeared in the early 90's on the faces of young songwriters and people of the theatre who strove for creative excellence. When we took note of them, our designers lovingly developed them into the sleeker style that still captured their gravitas and roots.

Eye frames named for the laurels awarded to athletes, artists, scientist an others of great achievement.

Our version preserves the classic and face enhancing rectangular rims, but softens them with a subtle arc above and below your eye. The translucent, smoke gray Zyl resin frames become illuminated when they catch the sunlight. This same property allows the silvery Laureates to pick up your skin tones as well. The temples are re-enforced with rods that flatten near the hinge, resulting in a striking effect as light passes through the Zyl, and bounces back out from the textured metal encased within. Since the day we added the Laureates to our family of distinguished frame styles, they became the choice of executives, scholars and writers. Our aim with Laureates is to allow you to make such positive statement about your ambition to stand out, and leaver your uniqueness upon the world. Laureates give you a focused, thoughtful and capable look that will inspire those people with whom you share the planet to acknowledge that you are an individual with big goals who incidentally, has a grasp on style.

Laureates Rectangular Eyeglass Frames Three Quarter View
Laureates Rectangular Eyeglass Frames Front View
Laureates Rectangular Eyeglass Frames Back View

Laureates – Smoke Gray Translucent Zyl Frames

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FRAME PRICE: $115.00 (Does not include lens options)
Front Width: 128mm
Lens Height: 28mm
Lens Width: 48mm
Temple Length: 140mm
Bridge Width: 17mm
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