Metal Eye Frames Worn by the Sons and Daughters of Ireland!

View of Dublins metal eyeglasses frame set
Front view of Dublins metal and tortoiseshell eyeglasses
Front view of Dublins bronze metal eyeglasses
Back view of Dublins metal and tortoiseshell eyeglasses
Back view of Dublins bronze metal eyeglasses

Dublins – Matte Bronze and Gold Metal Eyeglass Frames

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View of the River Liffey in Dublin, Ireland

On the east coast of Ireland, we saw beautiful people lounging on the banks of the River Liffey. When we approached them, we were taken aback to note that it was their eyeglasses that made them seem so beautiful, and so we copied them with our own special quality finishes. These light weight gems are fashioned for us and turned into the authentic “prince” shape. Available in two colors; a matte bronze with highlights and a gleaming gold with a beautiful thin tortoise shell overlay around the front of the lenses. We added engineered spring hinges to satisfy our most demanding customers.

These frames both have rounded fluting on the hinges and temples, which end at rectangular knobs leading to a graceful tapering. The gold Dublins temples are capped with amber brown tips that pick up the rims inlays, while bronze Dublins have black temple tips. 

Front Width: 132mm
Lens Height: 42mm
Lens Width: 50mm
Temple Length: 130mm
Bridge Width: 18mm
Andalusians | Erudites | Princess of Ireland