Glossy Black Eyeglasses Favored by Jazz Great Dizzy Gillespie!

Front view of Bebops Glossy Black Eyeglasses
Side view of Bebops Glossy Black Eyeglasses
Back view of Bebops Glossy Black Eyeglasses

Bebops – Glossy Black Frames that Define Cool

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Dizzy Gillespie wearing Bebops style glasses

Whether you wish to personify a Mississippi Delta Blues giant, a New Orleans Jazz legend or simply like to "mix it up Chicago style", adding tinted lenses to these frames makes them the perfect Jazz sunglasses to radiate your inner cool. These shiny black zyl frames, with their rhythmic angles and sense of self-satisfaction, were first made prominent when worn by the inventor of BeBop, the brilliant jazz artist Dizzy Gillespie. In recognition of Dizzy Gillespie's gift of a new popular style of frames, we named our frames 'BeBops' after his musical invention. 

BeBops are truly authentic, made from mold casted, metal reinforced Zyl resins. These frames can also be made into genuine "Blues Brothers" style sunglasses by simply adding dark shaded lenses. In fact, many celebrities have adopted BeBops as a symbol of independence and non-conformity. Just think of the glasses you associate with Woody Allen, Arthur Miller, Spike Lee and Malcolm X. Indeed, you'd need an encyclopedia of pop-culture and distinguished figures in modern history to adequately gauge the diverse crowd of notables who have chosen to affiliate themselves with these cool classics.

Front Width: 135mm
Lens Height: 38mm
Lens Width: 48mm
Temple Length: 140mm
Bridge Width: 20mm
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Blues Brothers detail image by Nunezart (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons