Styled after Ben Franklin's Eyeglasses, in Pewter or Matte Gold

If you wish to create a lasting impression, consider our metal Windsors in a subtle gold matte-color, or if you prefer, in historically appropriate pewter. Both finishes are heavily laquered stainless steel, to make them allergy-safe. These frames are in the original colonial style, with flat oval eye-shapes, wrap-around cable temples and authentic 'saddle' bridge. Windsors are truly accurate replicas of the spectacles that have been popular in America and Europe from before the 1800's to the present.

View of Windsors oval metal eyeglasses set
Front view of Windsors gold matte eyeglasses
Front view of Windsors pewter eyeglasses
Detail view of Windsors gold matte eyeglasses
Detail view of Windsors pewter metal eyeglasses
Detail view of Windsors oval metal eyeglasses temples

Windsors Classic Oval Eye Frame Historical Replicas

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Benjamin Franklin wearing glasses and reading

Windsor frames are updated versions of Ben Franklin's original "Focusers".

Based on paintings in the National Museum and spectacles in the Smithsonian, we know Ben Franklin wore Windsor-style frames, as did Presidents Andrew Jackson and Abe Lincoln. In fact, the pewter version of Windors are often selected by Civil War reenactors. Later historical figures such as Susan B. Anthony, Harry Truman and John Lennon proudly wore their Windsors. Even Santa Claus is often depicted wearing these frames! Our oval shaped Windsor Pewters come in two sizes: the historically authentic 38 mm rim width and the more modern 42mm. Though Windsors are accurate replicas, they are updated with spring hinges that allow provide a better and more comfortable fit on wider faces. And the coiled-metal wrap-around temple cables circle your ears to keep them secure on your face. As was the style of the original spectacles, our Windsors have no nose pads, using instead a smooth, curved bridge that rests securely on the nose.

Front Width: 112/120mm
Lens Height: 29/34mm
Lens Width: 38/42mm
Temple Length: Total cable temple length 165mm (135mm to the cable bend). Cable temples keep eyewear snug and relieve pressure on sensitive cartilage behind the ear.
Bridge Width: 25mm
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